The 13th Miss Supertalent of the World 2019 will be hosted PARIS NICE MILAN ROMEwhich will be the first time in the history of any beauty pageant, supermodel contest that preliminary events will be showcasing the 34 European cities in 3 weeks-long from FRANCE to Italy and final will take place at Grand Ballroom of Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria on November 2nd 2019. Supertalent attempt truly the 1st TravelTainment in the world.

The highly-anticipated Miss Supertalent final show will be telecast globally to over 164 countries, where viewers will watch as the reigning Miss Supertalent, Lada Akimova , who was crowned in South Korea. Download documents Season 13


Arrival 17 October in Paris(3) → Commence From  Eiffel Tower TGV → Avignon → Arles → Aix-en-Provence → Marseille(2) → Château d’If → Cassis → Saint-Tropez → Grasse →Saint-Paul-de Venice → Nice(2) → Cannes → Eze → Monaco →  Menton→ San Remo → Genoa → Milano → Verona → Ferry → Lido Island(1)→ Ferry→ Venice → Ravenna →  San Marino → Bologna → Pisa(1) → Florence → Orvieto → Rome(1) → Napoli →  Pompeii → Sorrento(1) → Ferry → Capri Island → Ferry → Sorrento → Tivoli → Rome(4)→ World Final on 2 November at Grand Ballroom Rome Cavalieri with 2,000 audiences ∞ Live Broadcasting 168 Countries ∞ 10 million viewing rate via various media platform.


➀ World Best Fashion Beauty Cities: Paris ✖ Nice ✖ Milan ✖ Venice ✖  Rome ➁ World Top Film Festivals: Cannes ✖ Venice
➂ Home Cities of Modern Arts:  van Gogh ✖ Cézanne ✖ Chagall
➃ World Smallest Countries: Monaco ✖ San Marino ✖ Vatican
➄ French Luxury Towns: Cassis ✖ Saint-Tropez ✖ Saint-Paul-de-Vence ✖ Cannes ✖ Manton
➅ Home Beauty✫Art:  Grasse'd Perfume ✖ Bologna'd Cosmetic ✖ Ravenna'd Mosaic ✖ Tivoli's Marble
➆ World Beauty of Port: Marseille ✖ Genoa ✖ Napoli


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Original Program   fashion and beauty Contents by 30 Supertalent Top models
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Day 1 | October 17 (Thu) | Paris

Arrival Paris
Check-in Hotel

Hotel : Hotel ibis Paris La Défense Centre

Day 2 | October 18 (Fri) | Paris

Paris? It’s a whole world in one city
Each of its neighborhoods can be explored as a different country, from the village of Montmartre, to the Latin Quarter, through to the cradle of the Île de la Cité.
And every stone tells us about art, from the iconic Louvre to the futuristic Louis Vuitton Foundation.
Do learn some French phrases. Hello (“Bonjour”) Thank you (“Merci”) Excuse me (“Excusez-moi”) Please (“S’il vous plaît”) I am lost (“Je suis perdu”)
▪ Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Eiffel, Louvre, Montmartre, Pont Alexandre II, Pont Neuf, La Défense

Hotel : Hotel ibis Paris La Défense Centre

Day 3 | October 19 (Sat) | Paris

▪  X  Eiffel Tower  |  Galeries Lafayette |  Seine Cruise
▪ Galeries Lafayette  An upmarket French department store chain. Its flagship store is on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and now operates in a number of other locations in France and other countries. In 2009, Galeries Lafayette recorded earnings of over one billion euros. It is a part of the company Groupe Galeries Lafayette.
▪ Eiffel Tower   A wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. Now one of the most recognizable structures on the planet

Hotel : Hotel ibis Paris La Défense Centre

Day 4 | October 20 (Sun) | Paris→T.G.V.→Avignon→Arles→Aix-en-Provence→Marseille

PARIS→AVIGNON  (03:15h by T.G.V.)
Visit Avignon, the Heart of Provence,  the edges of the city
Located in the heart of Provence, Avignon has everything needed to enchant you with its art de vivre and rich architectural heritage. The largest Gothic palace in Europe and epicenter of the city, the Palais des Papes was the residence of pontifical sovereigns during the 14th century.
▪  Palais des Papes, Pont Saint-Bénézet, Palais Cathedral, Petit Palais, Palais Place, Remparts d'Avignon

AVIGNON→ARLES  (00:45h, 39km)
City of Van Gogh’ art and history, Arles, a World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO
This city obtained this title because of its ancient city center and many Roman monuments that it shelters. It is also one of the four routes of the Road to Santiago. And last but not least, UNESCO has awarded the Camargue, where Arles is located for its Space of International Natural Interest.
▪    X   Les Alyscamps
▪  Camargue, Amphitheatre, Van Gogh Museum, Place du Forum, Yellow House

ARLES→AIX-EN-PROVENCE  (01:00h, 77km)
The doors of Cézanne’s workshop, Aix-en-Provence is a city of refined elegance
Aix en Provence is an open-air history book where it is a pleasure to stroll beneath the southern sun and drink in the exceptional architectural and cultural heritage. Enjoying a coffee and a Calisson sweet on the terrace of a café, rubbing shoulders with locals at the markets or throwing open the doors of Cézanne’s workshop
▪  Cours Mirabeau, Atelier Cezanne, Fondation Vasarely, Fontaine de La Rotonde


Hotel : Novotel Marseille Est  

Day 5 | October 21 (Mon) | Marseille→Chateau d'If→Cassis→Marseille

Marseille is 2nd biggest city in France, a Mediterranean metropolis 
Marseille is maritime history and multiculturalism. Grit and grandeur coexist seamlessly in Marseille, an exuberantly multicultural port city with a pedigree stretching back to classical Greece and a fair claim to the mantle of France's second city. this black sheep of the Provençal coastline has blossomed in cultural confidence since its 2013 stint as the European Capital of Culture
▪    X   Daniel Casanova Cruise
▪  Vieux Port, Calanques, Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, MuCEM, Unité d'Habitation

Château d'If, a Mediterranean Sea, Alexandre Dumas' novel The Count of Monte Cristo
A crucial fortress. Francis I of France wanted the Château d’If to fulfil three functions: protect the coast from invasion; provide cover for the new royal fleet of galleys, and keep watch over Marseille, annexed to France in 1480.  Anyone opposing official authority was imprisoned here from 1580 until 1871, especially Protestants and Republicans Alexandre Dumas published The Count of Monte Cristo in 1844. Its main protagonist Edmond Dantès is imprisoned at If. Hugely popular, the novel has been translated into most languages and has inspired twenty-three films.
▪  Château d'If trip by boat

MARSEIILE→CASSIS (00:39, 28km)
Cassis, the Jewel in the South of France's Crown, a hidden secret really Inhabited since Roman times and complete with a village vibe, it doesn’t get much more Provencial than Cassis. Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline, and the sleepy town of La Ciotat, Cassis is not only the French word for ‘blackcurrant,’ but the name of a town worth visiting during any length of excursion to the region.  
▪ Resort Town, Cassis Beach, Port Miou, Domaine du Paterne

Hotel :  Novotel Marseille Est  

Day 6 | October 22 (Tue) | Marseiile→Saint-Tropez→Grasse→Saint-Paul-de-Vance→Nice

A charming hilltop fortified village in Provence, filled with art galleries, boutiques and sidewalk cafes
See gleaming yachts moored in the celebrated harbour, which attracts wealthy visitors from around the world. Smell perfume and beauty products in the town’s classy boutiques – this is the Côte d’Azur’s shopping capital, Taste sun-ripened tomatoes doused in local olive oil. Touch pétanque balls and try your hand at a game in the town’s main square, Place de Lices.
▪  La Ponche, Port Saint Trope, Maritime Museum

SAINT-TROPEZ→GRASSE (01:22h, 98km❳
Grasse – homeland of the perfume. Birth of Chanel N. 5…
This is the place many of the mythical perfumes in history have been created for Rochas, Dior, Chanel ... The special flowers in the Grasse area such as Lavender, myrtle, roses, orange flowers, mimosas and above all jasmine. From the production of the natural raw material to the manufacturing of extract - all the knowledge and technology can be found here today
▪    X  Grasse Perfumery Institude
▪  Musée International Parfumerie, Studio des Fragrances, Riviera Nature, Fragonard

Built on its rocky outcrop and surrounded by its ramparts built on the orders of Francois 1st, St Paul De Vence is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in Provence. The beauty of the surrounding area, quality of life and exceptional light has inspired numerous famous artists, painters, writers and poets, some of whom took up residence in the village.
▪ Foundation Maeght, Grimaldi Castle, Le château  des Baumettes, Grave of Chagall

SAINT-PAUL-DE-VANCE→NICE  (00:28h, 18km)
Hotel : Hôtel So'Co by HappyCulture  

Day 7 | October 23 (Wed) | Nice→Cannes→Eze→Monaco→Nice

Nice - Capital of the French Riviera
Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, this city between the sea and the mountains exudes a timeless charm. The summit of the Château’s hill offers a view over the maze of narrow streets in the old town and the Bay of Angels. A stroll along the iconic Promenade des Anglais is a must, as is a visit to Cours Saleya market or a local restaurant to sample Cuisine Nissarde specialities. All this, and the chance to go skiing on the same day!
▪    X   Nice Beach 
▪  Promenade des Anglais, French Riviera, Castle of Nice, Castle Hill, Cours Saleya, Place Massena

NICE→CANNES (00:35h, 33km)
A city located on the French Riviera, host city of the annual Cannes Film Festival
A stunning "World Village“ Cannes enjoys an international reputation. It has welcomed the great and good of this world for nearly two centuries. It is also home to the most famous film festival.
▪    X Boulevard de la Croisette 
▪  Promenade de la Croisett, Sainte-Marguerite Island, Villa Rothschild, Port Pierre Canto, Marilyn Monroe Wall

CANNES→EZE  (00:55h, 53km)
Friedrich Nietzsche path that composed last part of his work " Thus Spoke Zarathustra "
The streets of this medieval village have witnessed its historic past. The two look-out towers at the entrance, the door-way and the gun-boat all classified as historic monuments. From the village, you can also visit "Eze bord-de-mer" by taking the Friedrich Nietzsche path, it appears that here, under the olives and pine-trees that Nietzsche composed the last part of his work " Thus Spoke Zarathustra "
▪  Village,  Nietzsche path

EZE→MONACO  (00:16h, 8km)
Monaco, the jewel of the French Riviera. 2nd smallest country in the world Formula 1 Grand Prix
Situated at France’s south-eastern corner near the Italian border, occupying an area of just 2.8 sq. km, Monaco might be the second smallest country in the world (after the Vatican). The Principality of Monaco is the place where everything is possible with 300 days of sunshine a year, a chic and relaxed atmosphere.
▪    X  Monaco Grand Prix
▪  Maritime Museum, Palais de  Monaco, Monaco Ville, Monaco Garden, Larvotto, Grimaldi Forum

Hotel : Hôtel So'Co by HappyCulture

Day 8 | October 24 (Thu) | Nice→ Menton→San Remo→Genoa→Milan

NICEE→ MENTON   (00:40h, 30km)
The pearl of France, the Italian border, Menton is the city of the lemon par excellence
Thanks to the high cliffs surrounding it, Menton benefits from an exceptional climate allowing to cultivate lemons. In February, during the lemon festival, floats are completely decorated with lemons and oranges. The city is also renowned for its numerous tropical gardens, such as the Serre de la Madone, Valley Rameh, Biovès, Fontana Rosa and Maria Séréna gardens. 
▪  Museum Jean Cocteau, Botanical Garden, Old Port Of Menton, Monastery of the Annunciation, Home of Lemon

MANTON→SAN REMO (00:16h, 8km)
City of flower, Sanremo Music Festival, now also one of biggest luxury outlet
A city on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy. Founded in Roman times, it is known as a tourist destination on the Italian Riviera. It hosts numerous cultural events, such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the Milan–San Remo cycling classic. The Mall Luxury Outlet half lower price
▪  San Remo Beach, Train Station, Place San Remo

SAN REMO→GENOA  (02:00h, 148km)
Hometown of Columbus and Italy's largest sea port with Mediterranean cruise
Italy's largest sea port is indefatigably contradictory, full at once of grandeur, squalor, sparkling light and deep shade. But a gateway to the Riviera for many travellers today, a weighty architectural heritage speaks of its former glory – the Most Serene Republic of Genoa ruled over the Mediterranean waves during the 12th to the 13th centuries
▪  Port Antico, Place Ferrari, Maritime Museum, Columbus House, Porta Soprana, Neptunus

GENOA→MILAN  (01:58h, 145km)

Hotel :  Ripamonti Residence

Day 9 | October 25 (Fri) | Milan

Milan is world capital city of fashion and design with elegance and sophistication
Milan is Italy’s city of the future, a fast-paced metropolis where money talks, creativity is big business and looking good is an art form. Milan has always been a rich and important city. It has always been a place full of various famous artists and offers a particular assortment of churches, buildings and monuments. There was a change of culture and art in the Renaissance with big a contribution in the period of the neoclassicism
▪    X Milan Fashion School
▪  Duomo, Emanuele II, Castello, Sforzesco, La Scala, Via Monte Napoleone

Hotel :  Ripamonti Residence

Day 10 | October 26 (Sat) | Milan→Verona →Lido de Venice→ Venice

MILAN→VERONA  (02:03h, 160km)
Verona is perfect for star-crossed lovers, home of Romeo, Juliet 
Best known for its Shakespeare associations, Verona attracts a multinational gaggle of tourists to its pretty piazzas and knot of lanes, most in search of Romeo, Juliet and all that. But beyond the heart-shaped kitsch and Renaissance romance, Verona is a bustling center, its heart dominated by a mammoth, remarkably well-preserved 1st-century amphitheatre, the venue for the city's annual summer opera festival
▪    X  Piazza dei Signori
▪  Juliet's House, Arena, Piazza  delle Erbe, Castelvecchio

VERONA→LIDO DE VENICE  (02:03h, 160km)
The Lido is no longer the glamorous bolthole of Hollywood starlets and European aristocracy that it once was, but its groomed beaches, scattering of art nouveau buildings and summering Venetians sipping prosecco beneath candy-striped awnings make it an interesting diversion on a hot day
▪    X  Cinema Palace 
▪  Art Biennale, Santa Elena, Biennale Korea Pavilion

Venice is a gondola ride back in time is a floating masterpiece
A city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated on a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges. Never was a thoroughfare so aptly named as the Grand Canal, reflecting the glories of centuries of Venetian architecture in the 50 palazzi and six churches lining its banks. At the end of Venice’s signature S-shaped waterway, the Palazzo Ducale and Basilica di San Marco add double exclamation points.
▪    X  Gondola Show
▪  Piazza  San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Canal  Grande, Ponte di Rialto, Ponte dei Sospiri

Hotel :  Ca 'Del More 

Day 11 | October 27 (Sun) | Ravenna →Rimini→San Marino→ Modena → Bologna

LIDO DE VENICE→RAVENNA (02:08h, 144km)
One of the world's most dazzling collections of early Christian mosaic artwork
For mosaic lovers, Ravenna is an earthly paradise. Spread out over several churches and baptisteries around town is one of the world's most dazzling collections of early Christian mosaic artwork, enshrined since 1996 on Unesco's World Heritage list. Wandering through the unassuming town center today, you'd never imagine that for a three-century span beginning in AD 402, Ravenna served as capital of the Western Roman Empire
▪  Basilica di San Vitale, Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, San Apollinare in Classe, Ravenna Path

RAVENNA→RIMINI  (00:52h, 55km)
Roman relics, jam-packed beaches, hedonistic nightclubs and the memory of film director
With stunning golden beaches, beautiful historic architecture and a burgeoning street food scene, Rimini is one of Italy’s greatest hidden gems. With over 15 kilometers of fine white sand and boasting an eclectic mix of charming hotels, beach bars and restaurants, it is easy to see why Rimini beach is renowned throughout the world
▪  Italia in miniatura, Fiabilandia, Tempio Malatestiano, Tiberius Bridge,Plazza Cavour

RIMINI→SAN MARINO  (00:52h, 55km)
One of Europe's smallest and oldest countries, The Republic of San Marino
Landlocked San Marino is one of the world's smallest countries. Surrounded by Italy, it is an echo from an era when city-states proliferated across Europe. Tourism dominates the economy of the 61 square kilometer (23.6 square miles) republic, which plays host to more than three million visitors every year. Postage stamps and coins - keenly sought by collectors - are important sources of revenue.
▪    X  Ferrari
▪  Prima Torre, Seconda Torre, Monte Titano, Palazzo Pubblico, Piazza Sant'Agata

SAN MARINO→MODENA (02:01h, 174km)
Visit Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari , the life and work of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari sports car marque. ▪    X  Cosmoprof
▪  Piazza Maggiore, Fontana di Neptun, Palazzo d'Accursio, Palazzo del Podesta, Palazzo  Re Enzo, Museo  Ducati

MODENA→BOLOGNA  (00:40h, 43km)
The world's oldest university and is famous for its graffiti-embellished piazzas Bologna is a city of two intriguing halves. One side is a hard-working, high-tech city located in the super-rich Po valley where suave opera-goers waltz out of regal theatres and into some of the nation's finest restaurants. The other is a bolshie, politically edgy city that hosts the world's oldest university and is famous for its graffiti-embellished piazzas filled with mildly inebriated students swapping Gothic fashion tips. ▪  Piazza Maggiore, Fontana di Neptun

Hotel : Amadeus Hotel Bologna

Day 12 | October 28 (Mon) | Bologna→ Pisa →Florence→Orvieto→Rome

BOLOGNA→PISA  (01:58h, 177km)
Pisa is a harmonious urban composition, the world-famous Leaning Tower
Once a maritime power to rival Genoa and Venice, Pisa now draws its fame from an architectural project gone terribly wrong. But the world-famous Leaning Tower is just one of many noteworthy sights in this compelling city. Education has fuelled the local economy since the 1400s, and students from across Italy compete for places in its elite university. his endows the centre of town with a vibrant cafe and bar scene, balancing an enviable portfolio of well-maintained Romanesque buildings, Gothic churches and Renaissance piazzas with a lively street life dominated by locals rather than tourists
▪     X   Tower of Pisa
▪  Piazza dei Miracoli, Duomo. Camposanto Monumentale, Piazza dei Cavalieri, Piazzadei  knight

PISA→FLORENCE  (01:14h, 84km)
Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance
Florence was a center of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of that era. Cradle of the Renaissance, romantic, enchanting and utterly irresistible, Florence (Firenze) is a place to feast on world-class art and gourmet Tuscan cuisine. Florence plays an important role in Italian fashion, and is ranked in the top 15 fashion capitals of the world, furthermore, it is a major national economic center as well as a tourist and industrial hub. Florence was home to the Medici, one of European history's most important noble families. Home twon of Lorenzo de' Medici and Dante Alighieri
▪    X  Piazza  della signoria
▪  Duomo Galleria, degli Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio, David

FLORENCE →ORVIETO  (02:09h, 169km)
World’s 1st Slow City and now headquarters of International Slow City
Located in the Umbria region – The Green Heart of Italy. was founded with the intent of presenting the city of Orvieto and all it has to offer in one convenient location. Sitting astride a volcanic plug of rock above fields streaked with vines, and olive and cypress trees, Orvieto is visually stunning from the first. Like the love child of Rome and Florence and nestled midway between the two cities, history hangs over the cobbled lanes, medieval piazzas and churches of this cinematically beautiful city. And few churches in Italy can hold a candle to its wedding cake of a Gothic cathedral, which frequently elicits gasps of wonder at its layers of exquisite detail.. 
▪  Orvieto sotterranea, Pazzo di San Patrizio, Pozzo della cava, Rocca Albornoziana, Piazza della Repubblica

ORVIETO →ROME  (01:33h, 119km)

Hotel : Best Western Blu Roma 

Day 13 | October 29 (Tue) | Rome→Napoli →Pompeii→Sorrento

ROME→NAPOLI (02:27h, 225km)
Naples is a city of sun, volcanic drama and canzone
Napoli is the regional capital of Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy after Rome
Napoli is raw, high-octane energy, a place of soul-stirring art and panoramas, spontaneous conversations and unexpected, inimitable elegance.  has some of the world's best opera and theater houses. The area is loomed over by Mt. Vesuvius and overlooks a marvelous bay, whose beauty has served as driving inspiration for many an artist.The allure of the landscape, the beautiful islands that dot the blue waters of the Mediterranean.
▪  Palazzo Reale, Castel dell' Ovo, Castel Nuovo, Piazza del  Plebiscito, Spacca Napoli, Port of Napoli

NAPOLI→POMPEII  (00:28h, 25km)
Ancient Roman Life Preserved at Pompeii
Pompeii is one of the most significant proofs of Roman civilization and, like an open book, provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past. The city has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries precisely as it would have been when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash and lava which poured down from the devastating eruption of Vesuvius
▪     X  The Temple of Apollo
▪  Villa of Mysteries, The House of Faun, House of the Vettii, Casa del Poeta Tragico, Temple of Jupiter, House of Tiburtinus

POMPEII→SORRENTO  (00:55h, 26km)
Sorrento is the gateway to the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island
A small resort with a big reputation, Sorrento is a town of lemons, high-pedigree hotels and plunging cliffs that cut through the heart of the historical core.The town’s longstanding popularity stems from its location at the western gateway to the Amalfi. It’s also on the train line to Pompeii and has regular fast-ferry connections to Naples and Capri.

Hotel :  Grand Hotel Flora

Day 14 | October 30 (Wed) | Sorrento→Capri Island →Tivoli→Rome

Capri is an island idyll. seriously beautiful
There’s barely a grubby building or untended garden to blemish the splendour. Steep cliffs rise majestically from an impossibly blue sea; elegant villas drip with wisteria and bougainvillea; even the trees seem to be carefully manicured. Glide silently up craggy Monte Solaro on a chairlift. Relive erstwhile poetic glories in Villa Lysis. Find a quiet space in the sinuous lanes of Anacapri. In the process, you’ll enjoy some sublime moments.
▪   X   Faraglioni Rocks 
▪  Grotta Azzurra,Monte Solaro, Villa San Michele, Villa Jovis, Piazza Umberto I, Augustus Garden 

CAPRI ISLAND→TIVOLI (03:30h, 315km)
A summer retreat for ancient Romans and the Renaissance rich, the hilltop town of Tivoli
Home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites: Villa Adriana, the sprawling estate of Emperor Hadrian, and the 16th-century Villa d'Este, a Renaissance retreat famous for its landscaped gardens and lavish fountains.
▪     X   100 Fountains  
▪  Villa d'Este, Villa Gregoriana, Villa Adriana

TIVOLI→ROME  (00:36h, 33km)

Hotel : Best Western Blu Roma

Day 15 | October 31 (Thu) | Rome

Rome is a journey into the past, a historical powerhouse
A heady mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy’s hot-blooded capital is one of the world’s most romantic and charismatic cities.
  X  Spain Steps or similar location
▪ Colosseum, Forum Romanum, Fontana Trevi, Piazza Navona, Bocca Verita, St. Pietro, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Piazza Popolo

Hotel : Best Western Blu Roma

Day 16 | November 1 (Fri) | Rome

Final Rehearsal Supertalent of the World 2019 Season 13
Hotel : Best Western Blu Roma

Day 17 | November 2 (Sat) | Rome

17:00 Buffet Dinner
19:00 World Final (2,000 pax)
21:00 End

 Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, Final Venue  Youtube Link

Surrounded by its large Mediterranean gardens, Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort offers views of Rome and the Vatican from its hilltop position in Montemario. It features spacious and luxurious rooms with balcony, and a 8202 ft² wellness center. The elegant rooms include a flat-screen TV with satellite and pay-per-view channels, a marble bathroom, and a balcony overlooking either the gardens or Rome's historical center. Some offer access to the Imperial Club Lounge located on the 7th floor.

The 3-Michelin star rooftop restaurant La Pergola serves gourmet cuisine. L'Uliveto features a poolside terrace where you can enjoy classic Italian and international dishes. Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort offers 2 red-clay tennis courts and an 732 m fitness trail with Technogym facilities. Its Grand Spa includes a Turkish bath, saunas, a stylish room with an indoor swimming pool and a fireplace.

The hotel's large art collection includes antique furniture, magnificent paintings, precious tapestries, and statues and artifacts that are exhibited throughout its suites and public spaces, such as the lounge bar. The hotel is 1.9 mi from the Vatican and a 25-minute drive from the Coliseum. It provides a free hourly shuttle to/from Via Veneto.

Hotel : Best Western Blu Roma

Day 18 | November 3 (Sun) | Departure Rome

Transfer Airport or Train Stations
End of Event/Trip